No one needs to know you used the ghostbloggess.

What does a ghostwriter do?

A good ghostwriter writes on your behalf, and no one has to know it. Sure, anyone can do this.

Except they can’t.

A talented ghostwriter creates compelling, persuasive copy for your website, well-crafted and engaging prose for your memoirs, or poses as the blogger you wish you were.

All good writing has one thing in common: to keep people reading.

An effective ghostwriter finds the words you were searching for and spins them into sentences and paragraphs that keep people reading, buying, tweeting, subscribing, turning pages, and sharing.

But all this isn’t enough. Neither is immaculate grammar and a vast vocabulary. In fact, in the case of copywriting, it’s often a matter of writing as you talk, and not as you learned to write.

So what does make a ghostwriter?

It’s simple.

The ability to understand the relationship between you and your readers. For copywriting, this means the ghostwriter understands the connection between your service or product, and your potential clients’ emotional response.

You have something to sell, and you are passionate about your product. That’s all great, but most visitors to your website will be indifferent to your product, and none of them like to be sold.

A good writer understands that people do not buy because of value; they use value to persuade themselves to buy something that they have a compelling emotional need for. In there lies the difference between someone who writes content, and a writer.

Why use a ghostwriter?

You’re buying more than just words. You’re buying a new connection to your readers, building your brand, and creating a presence you can be proud of.

But there’s one more thing you’re buying.

A smart, impartial brain, who can see the woods from the trees, and promote what your clients value, instead of what you value about your product or service. You will only break free from talking to yourself and start talking to paying customers when you learn how to talk to them.

A ghostblogger performs the same function, but the primary goal is to build an online presence, subtly reinforce your brand or message, or promote whatever you have to say or sell through discussion rather commercial promotion. But the goal is the same: speak to people and be heard.

This blog is primarily for sharing my thoughts on being a writer and freelancer, and is an example of  the type of blogging I also do as a ghostblogger. I will be releasing a portfolio of copywriting and other types of work soon, with a separate WordPress website.

I’m currently in the process of migrating my portfolio to a new Wordpres site. If you would like samples of my work, please email me with the contact form below.



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