Email Isn’t Dead

8 Dec

Yay! Newsletters!

Subscribing to blogs. BLARGH…boring!

And email. It just feels so 1998.

I used to never bother subscribing to blogs unless they were from personal friends or superhumans. Then I started to take a hard look at internet marketing, and developed a better understanding of how people use the distribution of information to create income.

Most successful bloggers and writers do not earn residual income from advertising (you can read a great piece from copyblogger on this); they earn money from offering useful, meaningful information for free, and charging for additional, “premium” services. I would recommend any of the blogs and websites below for their free content and their premium content, but even if you don’t have the funds to subscribe to every premium writing resource on the web, reading their weekly newsletters is an excellent way to learn the ropes.

As I went on the rampage looking for good information, I began to subscribe to weekly newsletters, and I soon realized I’d built my own mini course that was delivered right to my inbox, bit by bit each day.

If you’re interested in becoming a freelance writer, you can learn a huge amount by subscribing to these websites (no referral links from me here; I’m simply sharing as I’ve found them incredibly valuable). To stay organized, I recommend either filtering them into a specific folder or opening a new email account just for newsletters.

What makes these newsletters useful?

  • They are not full of cheap advertizing gimmicks;
  • They contain valuable information to learn the ins and outs of becoming a freelance writer, developing a writing business and finding clients, and offer useful ideas and resources for marketing and organizing your freelance business;
  • They are not simply regurgitated factoids easily found elsewhere.

Here they are:

Copyblogger: this is an exceptional resource for anyone interested in writing and creating an online presence. Sign up for a free 20-part internet marketing course. The website itself is packed with very useful tutorials and information, free of ads.

Ghostwriter Dad: Sean Platt offers a 30-day free e-course to help new writers earn more and build their businesses. Also a very useful website and a great writer to learn from. New copywriters can earn a lot from studying his approach to writing on his website.

Wealthy Web Writer: lots of really useful information and free tutorials.

The Renegade Writer: Two very smart women run this website, and offer a mix of free and premium courses and materials – a great place to learn.

The Freelance Writing Blog: a talented copywriter runs this blog, and I’ve been really enjoying her email updates. Lots to learn from here.

Daily Writing Tips: lots of useful information on the nuts and bolts of good writing

There are many more out there, and this list is nowhere close to exhaustive, but they are all websites that I subscribe to and have learned from – good luck!


2 Responses to “Email Isn’t Dead”

  1. Alicia December 9, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

    Very helpful, Lorna! Thanks for organizing it all. It’s nice to have so many resources explained like this and in one location!

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