Another Amazing Project with an Italian Start-up

4 Dec

I’ve spent all weekend working in my pajamas, too transfixed with my own work to do anything but eat, sleep and work, with sleep being my last priority.  I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed doing work so much – I feel excited at the thought of working 12 hours a day and that’s still a new feeling for me after many years of feeling constant resentment that work was eating into my personal life.

I’ve been developing a Wix website for a new Italian start-up called LiveCounseling. They will be offering online counseling services using VOIP, and I’ve been working on an English site that will be localized into Italian as soon as we have the strategy for the copy fully figured out.

It’s been an interesting shift writing copy for localization rather than for a public audience. I’m having to pay a lot of attention to the fact that I’m really writing a template for translation that needs to be as clear as possible; not something that’s client-facing.

We wanted to make the site inviting, warm, friendly, and not overly clinical. We also wanted to make sure the concept was crystal clear, so I made use of symbols to help clarify the concept wherever possible. Rather than using photos of people who might be examples of clients seeking help for specific issues, I used photos that were more inspirational and suggested a generally happy and balanced life. Here are some more shots:

This is completely different to any project I’ve done before, and the style is also different from my usual projects, so it’s been a big learning curve, but I’m having loads of fun. The site should be up and running within a week.


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